The Art of April Evensen.

A graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design, with a major in Animation and a minor in Sequential Art. She hopes to work in pre-production or animation for television or film, along with working on comics.


Got a new sketchbook! Of course, I draw Zayn first :) reffed from a pic I took at the concert

aaand here’s some zarry and niam chibis i did a while back too, you may have seen them floating around :) i had a blast at the concert last night so definitely anticipate some new 1D art!

oh my gosh!!! a huge thank you to everyone who liked and reblogged my zayn art! it means so much to me <3 and hello and thank you to my new followers!

i hadn’t posted this here yet (it’s been almost a year omg) but this is a set i did of a 1D au where the boys are mecha/robot pilots, so i designed them pilot suits :) it was so much fun to do and i’d really like to do some more art for this au <3

I’m seeing 1D live for the first time ever on Monday so I’ve been swept up in feelings. I’ve been totally in love with this magical photo of Zayn, so I decided to finally take the opportunity to draw it :)

Finished product! <3 This was fun and therapeutic :)

Lillymon process!!! :)

14 years of dedication makes a big difference :) I still have a ways to go!

The latest Digimon announcement brought out my inner child again as I was obsessed and drew tons and tons of Digimon fanart. Lilymon was naturally my favorite as I drew her almost every day as a 10/11 year old :)

I drew a lot of the other characters too and I hope to gradually redraw a lot of my favorite characters!! It’s been so long. I wish I could find all my old art and do more comparisons.

Anyway! I’ll have a full scan of the new Lilymon art soon and some process photos :)

I needed a major break from inking tonight, so I decided to start sketching and designing again for a personal project I came up with almost a year ago! To think I haven’t touched it since.

It was really fun to add things to my style for this. I want to either do an animatic, or a very limited animation short, but for now I’m going to be developing concept art and storyboards. I’m going for a retro look since it’s going to take place in 1950’s California, so I referenced Betty Boop and then added touches from other artists I like :)

I’m really excited to develop more so stay tuned! 

Developing a gemsona!!! So much excitement. I’m gonna probably tinker with her weapon a bit more to make it more in tune the other gems’ weapons, but yea! I’m excited to give her some color :)

Just goin down the line-up of Sailor Senshi! I was super excited to do Jupiter <3 I wanted to make her as badass as possible so I looked up judo stances and played with the lightning :)

I used palette #11 for this one!