The Art of April Evensen.

A graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design, with a major in Animation and a minor in Sequential Art. She hopes to work in pre-production or animation for television or film, along with working on comics.


I ended up doing Mercury as well! :D I used palette #6 from the meme. This was a bit more challenging but still fun! <3

In excitement for today’s Sailor Moon Crystal episode (or I guess, the preview for ep 3!!!) I drew Sailor Mars! I used palette #7 from that meme/challenge going around :) I hope to do more like this, I’m probably going to do Mercury upon watching the new ep!


Finally getting some downtime to draw, here’s Jinx!!!

Designing costumes and weapons for a comic I’m working on! They’re based on a fictional game in the story. It was fun gathering reference for them. They’re bound to change a little as I translate them into the comic.

Sayaka 2.0 progress from a few nights ago!

And finally, some 1D doodles! Mostly of harry, zayn, and niall haha.

more snk sketches, aka everyone loves armin

some snk sketches!!

Prelim sketches of characters from a comic I’ve been planning since the beginning of last year (though production kind of dropped for… about a year in all haha). The designs still have a little ways to go but it’s been fun playing with designs. The comic is going to be MMO-centric where players get trapped in it, but rather than some kind of really dark twist I’m focusing it on the troubles girls face while playing online games, along with the characters having to work together towards getting out, and really getting in on that teamwork and utilizing each other’s strengths, and also accepting differences and having some characters learn really important lessons… It’s gonna be a lot of friendship and fun with action and I hope to get back on track with it soon!