The Art of April Evensen.

A graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design, with a major in Animation and a minor in Sequential Art. She hopes to work in pre-production or animation for television or film, along with working on comics.


Sayaka is finally complete! Onto Kyouko! :)

I really wanted to draw some original characters tonight so I went with two characters I designed back in high school and occasionally drew during my beginning years of college:

Sometimes it takes redrawing a character to realize how awful your outfit designs were LOL! I tried to fix Sevald (who’s probably going to get a new name if I revisit this!) but I left Rosalynn pretty much as-is for fun. I might redesign them with more practical outfits in the future.

I don’t quite remember the story I had for these two aside from them being elves and Rosalynn being a rebel but I think it’d be something like Rosalynn being a treasure hunter who wants to be rich, and kidnapping a prince who reluctantly starts helping her find treasure as they evade his both his kingdom and his enemies..

Really belated birthday giftart for my girl lavendermarzipan <3 

For my art trade with @pumpernipple who requested Hajime! I’ve been wanting to draw Hajime for ages but just never got around to doing it so this was really fun to do!!!

I drew Hit Girl for today’s Sketch Dailies! I’ve missed her, I used to draw her a lot back when the first Kick-Ass film came out!

i wanted to get this done in one go, but i ran out of steam )’: i hope to finish it soon! some fall kurokens. they’ll be standing a lot closer together for the finished art ;)

…and a post-finale korra piece. What a beautiful and heartbreaking end. I hope Korra recovers soon </3

Some Korra doodles before I watched the Book 3 finale!

I’ve been doing a rewatch of Digimon Adventure and naturally been sketching while doing so! <3 It’s so nice to be drawing the DigiDestined again!

I recently entered Crunchyroll’s CardCaptor Sakura Contest! This is my entry, The Fragrant Card, which as the name implies, creates lovely scents for the user, but additionally can create a strong enough scent to put an enemy under their control!