The Art of April Evensen.

A graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design, with a major in Animation and a minor in Sequential Art. She hopes to work in pre-production or animation for television or film, along with working on comics.


I needed a major break from inking tonight, so I decided to start sketching and designing again for a personal project I came up with almost a year ago! To think I haven’t touched it since.

It was really fun to add things to my style for this. I want to either do an animatic, or a very limited animation short, but for now I’m going to be developing concept art and storyboards. I’m going for a retro look since it’s going to take place in 1950’s California, so I referenced Betty Boop and then added touches from other artists I like :)

I’m really excited to develop more so stay tuned! 

Developing a gemsona!!! So much excitement. I’m gonna probably tinker with her weapon a bit more to make it more in tune the other gems’ weapons, but yea! I’m excited to give her some color :)

Just goin down the line-up of Sailor Senshi! I was super excited to do Jupiter <3 I wanted to make her as badass as possible so I looked up judo stances and played with the lightning :)

I used palette #11 for this one!

I ended up doing Mercury as well! :D I used palette #6 from the meme. This was a bit more challenging but still fun! <3

In excitement for today’s Sailor Moon Crystal episode (or I guess, the preview for ep 3!!!) I drew Sailor Mars! I used palette #7 from that meme/challenge going around :) I hope to do more like this, I’m probably going to do Mercury upon watching the new ep!


Finally getting some downtime to draw, here’s Jinx!!!

Designing costumes and weapons for a comic I’m working on! They’re based on a fictional game in the story. It was fun gathering reference for them. They’re bound to change a little as I translate them into the comic.

Sayaka 2.0 progress from a few nights ago!

And finally, some 1D doodles! Mostly of harry, zayn, and niall haha.